Welcome to Arize, Chris!

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Chris Walter with a coffee in hand

We’re excited to introduce Christopher Walter, our newest Arizer! Chris will be joining our amazing Frontend Engineering team.

Chris was most recently at Facebook and Instagram where he was a Frontend Engineer working on Instagram shopping, ads, and various internal projects.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in Computer Science and Economics. Chris fell in love with machine learning through his econometrics background, which provided him new ways of performing insightful in depth analysis. Alongside Chris’ love for ML, he’s simply excited to build Arize from the ground up. Chris is passionate about building the future of transparent and trustworthy models, aiding ML engineers and Data Scientists with their observability needs.

When Chris is not knee deep in code, he loves to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, care for his baby dog, Lillian the Shorkie, and roam around New York City with the occasional drink in tow.

Arize AI is the watcher, troubleshooter and the guardrail on deployed AI.

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